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Close Project

The nations first full-lenght complete construction safety film.

Director: Reinis Spaile
Client: Latvijas Būvnieku Partnerība
Agency: McCANN Riga

Close Project

A wonderful, dark and twisted psychological thriller about the circumstance of being at the wrong place - wrong time.

Director: Kaspars Marhlevičs
Cinematographer: Toms Zarāns

Close Project

Product commercial for a commonly used medication making fun of traditional ways of medicating.

Client: Xymelin
Agency: McCANN Riga

Close Project

A half an hour long documentary about twin brothers going to East Russia to look for their father.

Director: Toms Upītis
Cinematographer: Toms Zarāns

Close Project
Lucavsala promo

Exceptionally furry promotional video for the festive island Lucavsala.

Director: Dmitri Maslakov
Cinematographer: Toms Zarāns
Client: Live Riga

Close Project

Brand visual identity and concept explainer video with a tiny pinch of overkilling.

Client: Overkill Ventures
Agency: McCANN Riga

Close Project
Spēks pateikt NĒ

A set of 4 TV commercials for a social awareness campaign fighting the phenomenon of not being able to say “NO!“.

Director: Toms Upītis
Client: Veselības Ministrija
Agency: MOOZ!

Close Project

A recreation of political situation in Latvia encapsulated in a rap video.

Director: Toms Upītis
Cinematographer: Toms Zarāns

Close Project
Preach for the Preacher

A short post-apocalyptic film for MyRodeReel competition that made finals in 3 categories.

Director: Hārdijs Cibuļskis
Cinematographer: Toms Zarāns

Task Force

The tables are turning and they’re still spinning. If there is one man who can stop them, it’s - Mikus Zarāns. Mikus is the real deal when it comes to production game, equipped with premium analytics module installed directly to the prefrontal cortex and probably the best kickflip in the local scene, Mikus can manage it all. There would be no videos, television commercials or films if this guy wasn’t a part of the grand scheme, in the deep shadow of the moonlight Mikus manages to do everything - produce, assist, create and not be an asshole about it.
Mikus Zarāns
The main man with the plan, the dude who makes all the single ladies go “daaaamn…” - Toms Zarāns. Toms is a top-tier cinematographer in making, already with a solid expertise in the field. Yes, you can find him in IMDB, yes, he has worked on major movies in Latvia and abroad, yes, he got that skill. Toms is the eye and the brain of the operation, whenever our creative guy comes up with a crazy idea which seems way out of reach, Toms comes in with a steady hand an grabs the impossible by it’s testicles.
Toms Zarāns
There is a saying that if you stare long enough deep in to our directors eyes, you can see universe expanding. The link between the brief and the reality and the real life human LSD himself - Toms Upītis. Toms is the youngest member of the crew which might explain the wild nature of his ideas, Toms knows no limits in the matter of creativity. Fueled by his vast imagination and analytical thinking, the kid knows his way around the creative block and aims to be a top-tier director and creative of his time.
Toms Upītis
If you’re judging Matīss Vilkaplāters by the cover, you might be getting the wrong idea. In a nutshell, he is like the cookie “Svetlana” - dripping sugar on the outside, that becomes sweeter the deeper you go. Matīss is such a humble guy we have a feeling Kendrick might have accidentally written a song about him, true story. Dishing out edits for yours truly and holding the fort at his Premiere battle-station while trying to reconnect with his Yeezy mothership to go back to his home planet Kanye Nest.
Matīss Vilkaplāters
The wouldn’t be champagne if there was no Ilva in this gang. Being a tidy little hobbit that she is Ilva manages the way we do things around here. Being it projects, collective teambuildings or simply a shoulder to cry on, this gal has plenty of energy for all of that. Heavily trained in love and care, a mastermind in empathy and her natural talent of being the cutest person ever makes Ilva the perfect human element of the huffing and puffing production game. But don’t get it twisted, even though she comes off as an tiny and adorable individual, she can turn that smile upside down and put your loud-mouth to work in seconds.
Ilva Zarāne
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